TREK-A-DAY: The Galileo Seven

EPISODE SIXTEEN: The Galileo Seven

Hey everyone, it’s our first ‘shuttle craft bottle episode’!  These have the potential to be fantastic character pieces (as they often were in Next Generation) and this proves to be the case here too.  After lots of wackiness and political overtones in the past few shows, this one is just about the crew and how they interact, specifically Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and some characterful bit players (always nice to see).  The shuttle craft Galileo gets stranded on a planet inhabited by giants who wear bearskin capes and throw giant spears.  The Enterprise has essentially been hijacked by a bureaucrat who is demanding they abandon the crew members so they can make an important rendezvous to drop off plague vaccines; the result is a harsh time limit on a long search.

The meat of the episode revolves around Spock as Captain of the away-team and how his pure logic approach leads to some bad decisions.  This is a bit of a tie-in episode to The Enemy Within wherein Kirk realizes that his emotional side is part of what makes him a great leader.  Spock attempts to fight the animalistic giants with logic, causing all manner of problems.  The crew finds it increasingly hard to relate to him, particularly as people start dying, leading Spock to ultimately make a rash, last minute decision to save them (leading to Scotty’s first, “I explain the pseudo-science through metaphor!” moment).  The crew saves them and has a good laugh over Spock’s attempts to justify his very human gamble with logic.

It’s a solid character piece, well done, but there’s not much more to say beyond that…except that the “shuttle craft” looks like a spare room in the studio, which is fun.  Yay shuttlebox!

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