TREK-A-DAY: The Arena



Rragh and Such!

I’ve been really looking forward to this episode but had no idea it was called The Arena; it starts with The Enterprise finding an outpost in flames, only to be chased around by explosions for a bit.  When they finally escape, they pursue the attackers until a magical super race called the Metrons stop both ships and demand martial combat between the two captains to settle the feud with the winner’s ship getting to survive.

And then they mentioned the Gorn captain.

EEEEEE! I yelled, texted my lady friend in excitement which led to her calling me to express a similar EEEEEE! at the arrival of the Gorn Captain; easily one of the most visually recognizable characters in all of Star Trek canon, largely because he looks so very fake and ridiculous.  The fight doesn’t help this perception with Kirk throwing a rock at him which just kind of bounces off, “doing kung fu at him” also proves useless, so finally Kirk runs around the planet and manages to build an improvised DIAMOND CANNON which he uses to massively own Gorny.

You can find the fisticuffs element here and the diamond cannon finale here

It’s just such a silly, ridiculous fight and often how people remember the Original Series; bad costumes and styrofoam rocks.  I particuarly enjoy the hug:

Good stuff.  The episode plays out like a cross between PredatorThe Hunger Gamesand Macguyver.  It’s silly, fun, and has a message about humanity tacked on at the end to justify our hour of explosions and the Gorn Captain.  It’s classic and iconic; a fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Gorn-night everybody!

(This was one of about 100 Gorn-related puns that came to mind watching the episode.  Couldn’t find a place for Gorn Fishing! but it holds a special place in my heart too.)

I also found this on the internet.  Enjoy! (Available for purchase at The Neato Shop)

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