TREK-A-DAY: Catspaw


Well, that was some class A wackiness.  This episode is a fun fantasy-sci fi hybrid that briefly touches on a really interesting concept about collective consciousness, particularly in reference to story (and myth).  But it’s an underlying idea, not fully explored, which is a shame.

But there is a giant cat.  Played by a regular cat…on a tiny version of the set.  Hilarity ensues.

Can haz special effects budget?

Essentially, the crew is trapped in a weird illusionary planet run by a wizard and a witch.  In a castle.  With a dungeon full of skeletons.  And the witch turns into a cat.  Also, there’s this Voldemort guy and a lot of d20s get rolled.  Joking aside, the set and characters really do look like a live-action version of old school Dungeons and Dragons illustrations, full of bizarre iconography and silly powers.  Turns out these two are actually aliens from a species that does not feel sensation…and thus are here to examine human reactions.  The cat-witch Sylvia becomes obsessed with this and determines to make Kirk her king, leaving him only one solution…HE HAS TO SEDUCE HIS WAY TO VICTORY!  And seduce he does, until she reads his mind and realizes, “You’re using me!” To which a royally disgruntled Kirk yells, “Why not?!” Awesome.

Well, after being chased by the giant hat and having to fight the mind-controlled crew, Kirk realizes he just needs to break the magic MacGuffan staff to wreck their party, so he does so and thus destroys the illusion (revealing the aliens to be marionette monsters!)

They may or may not be of the same species as Geshy from Clone High.

Anywho, a silly filler episode full of wackiness.  Good times.

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