And now for the return of everyone’s favourite space pimp, Mr. Harry Mudd.
-McCoy is worried about a crewman who doesn’t smile, but he can only deal with it by dissing Spock.
-Uh oh, he’s up to no good.
-Kirk is irrationally back in his green wrap…they really like that for him this season.
-Crewman Jerk has planned a new course; apparently this is the worst, for some reason. Also, apparently ANYONE can hijack The Enterprise. There’s a possibility I’m doing it right now.
-Oh no, Crewman Jackass just wrecked engineering! Now he’s on the bridge. Does no one carry a phaser anymore?
-Crewman Jackass REALLY wants to go somewhere. If they deviate course, the ship explodes. He’s an alien…nope, pregnant with circuitry. Some kind of android. He sas he means no harm, but will blow up the ship if refused. That is harm, in my books.
-For an android, he has really bad skin (and as one with bad skin, I can vouch for this)
-He also swaggers a lot for an android.
-Wow, he has demanded all the main characters but Scotty beam down. Sorry, Scotty.
-And Sulu; Chekov is the resident navigator.
-Wow, apparently Mudd has an army of robots. Winning. He made the Cylons, apparently.
-Kirk just hates him a lot.
-Mudd has claimed himself the king of the planet. Winning.
-Mudd just referenced how he escaped the prison Kirk left him in and is now running the show. This is epic fan service.
-Kirk just re-iterated the history of Mudd post commercial break. That only angered Mudd more. He is now referencing his love of beauty. His women are now robots. 500 of the same model. Happy International Women’s Day, everyone.
-Mudd is the 1%. He got out of jail, then scammed again, dodged a death sentence, stole a ship, and then dragged The Enterprise to his planet. He has 500 androids…that want to learn about humanity. Like an army of Datas…but selfish. They want to study a starship captain (like a deeper version of last episode),so he’s trading them for freedom. Also, Mudd has a robot version if his wife…but he’s a little messed up about it.
-It’s a little weird, this version of Mudd. I’m happy to see him back, but they’ve given him a bit too much.
-The robots are from a dead civilization. This must have been another point of contention for Original Trek fans…again with the Data plot.
-“Why should we leave you?” Kirk: “Because we don’t like you. Now leave, doot doot doot doot.” Best shooing away ever.
-The manbots all wear Bowie tights.
-Mudd picked lots of lady models. Ironic, since he was one of the few out actors on the show at the time.
-Hahaha, Scotty hates Mudd so much. Also, Mudd has been beaming the people down and replacing them with his android army. This makes Data and his brothers seem a bit insignificant…he has 500,000 androids that live for thousands of years. Mudd is literally the answer to their prayers.
-Uh oh, Chekov is all kinds of into the robo-ladies.
-The robots are the best at making everything. What’s cool about all this is the robots just wanting to understand humans to better serve humans…no rebellion, just wanting to lend a hand.
-Kirk wants no paradise, just the ship.
-the robots hate the human condition: solution: we will take over the galaxy…to save us from ourselves.
-Dang. Uhura just faked mutiny so the robots will…watch a mime musical by McCoy and Scotty on Mime instruments??
-The plan: be confusing and ridiculous. Effective against robots AND the audience.
-Spock just broke hearts and robots by declaring he loves one and he’s one robot.
-the crew just mime killed Scotty with mime phasers.
-Seriously. It’s absurdorama hour. They are all having so much fun.
-it’s like Hook, they are threatening the robots with MIME.
-They just mimed a golf swing.
-Here’s my Clone High scan grade joke again, as they break the leader with a logical quiz.
-Mudd is assigned to house arrest on the planet…WITH WIFEBOT AS HIS WARDEN! Owned. There are 500. This is actually the worst torture I’ve seen Kirk dole out.
-Fun. A great character return, though not the best episode. Godspeed, Harry Mudd. See you in the animated series.

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