TREK-A-DAY: Friday’s Child

EPISODE FORTY-ONE: Friday’s Child.

Well, what can you say about an episode like Friday’s Child?  It’s weird.  Just a straight up bizarre episode, uneven but fun and featuring some straight-up batshit crazy stuff.

The premise: arriving on a planet of 7-foot tall super militant, boa-wearing warriors to negotiate some mining rights, the crew finds out that a Klingon has already arrived and is sowing discord.  After the traditional Klingon greeting of offing a red shirt, there is some brief “weird alien customs” fun and court drama with the Klingon encouraging a faction to challenge the King-ish guy’s rule.  One cut-away later (to remind us there’s still a spaceship called The Enterprise in the show), and everyone is fighting.  The king dies, new king takes over, pregnant queen becomes a point of contention.

Oh, and for the record, the queen is a 7-foot tall Julie “Catwoman-to-Adam-West’s-Batman” Newmar.  Just sayin’.

Well, she doesn’t want to be touched by McCoy (who is doctoring away), so she slaps him.  Twice.  Then McCoy, in strictest observation of the Hypocratic Oath slaps her right back.

To clarify: Dr. McCoy slaps a pregnant woman. (at 0.13)

But she’s down with that, proving his martial prowess and all.  So she declares him the father. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, Spock, Kirk, McCoy and Julie Newmar are on the run from the rest of the aliens, who chase them into a generic canyon, where Kirk (utilizing a lesser known Starfleet training maneuver) builds a bow and arrow.  Finally, the new king realizes the treachery of the Klingon…blah, blah, self sacrifice to allow his warriors time to shoot the Klingon blah, and Newmar and the crown baby take power.  After McCoy awkwardly pokes it’s face for 30 seconds saying “Oochie Coochie Coo” (see the end of the slapping clip above)  The baby is hilariously named Lenard James ALIENLASTNAME which annoys Spock more than anything has ever annoyed Spock before.  It’s a cute way to end the episode, but it’s no pregnant lady slap.

Also, there’s an entire plotline about the Enterprise being lured away by a false distress signal, then being confronted by the most cowardly Klingons in the Empire who flee rather than fight, but I regulate it to this one sentence BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL TO THE PLOT other than giving Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu something to do and removing the crew as back-up from the main plot.  In earlier posts I talk a lot about how often all the plotlines compliment each other and raise the stakes for the various problems…in this one we get the equivalent of a “the ship was on a coffee break” with the only real drama (a Starfleet ship that was potentially in actual distress) turning out to only have been a trick.  Soooooo, yeah.  Little space detour.

Ultimately, it’s just a weird, un-even episode, that starts off with some really interesting intrigue in the court of aliens, then degrades into a poor man’s Gorn Captain episode, with a baby.  (Three Gorns and a Baby?)

But, for all you meme/Skyrim fans out there, here’s a little something special that happened to the Klingon when Kirk shot him with an arrow…


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