TREK-A-DAY: The Immunity Syndrome

EPISODE FORTY-SIX: The Immunity Syndrome

Well, this episode is basically an episode of The Magic School Bus, except Kirk is Ms. Frizzle and if the trip goes awry everyone dies.  When the ship gets sucked into a giant space amoeba, Spock and McCoy argue pettily over which one gets to do the suicide mission for science, while the rest of the ship is still in mortal danger.  The pacing is atrocious, with everyone constantly reminding us “We’re being sucked in!” Then bantering some more.

There’s a neat concept buried in here, that this amoeba is like a virus in the solar system’s body, then The Enterprise is the anti-body attacking it.  Hence the Magic School Bus parallel.  But really, we get an episode that really wants to convince us of its own importance, while no one in it seems to really care all that much.

It is, however, special for me, in a way, as I had a GameBoy Star Trek game that involved a multitude of space amoeba that you had to fly through and attack and I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered it watching this episode.  Other than that, it felt like filler.

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