TREK-A-DAY: Return to the Future

EPISODE FORTY-EIGHT: Return to the Future

A neat little episode about body switching.  The crew stumbles upon an ancient race that transcended phyisical states but failed at the whole “life beyond becoming energy thing.”  On their way down, they planted seeds of life across the galaxy, claiming Adam and Eve as their explorers (though this is refuted and left ambiguous) knowing one day possible surrogates would come along and find them and provide them bodies long enough to build android bodies (or something in that vein).  Kirk agrees to the body take over exclaiming “Risk…is what this mission is all about!” and everything is going swimmingly until one of the energy beings decides he’d rather stay in Spock and thus sets out to destroy the Captain.

Spock is the big winner this episode, as Nimoy gets to be a charming rogue for a change, grinning and taunting, and seducing with the best of them.  There’s also a couple of neat Nurse Chapel moments (including a coy look after they shared her consciousness for a while) that really make me happy.  She’s like the Chief O’Brien of the show, that extra character that is fun to have around in a support role.

It’s also nice to have an episode where an omniscient being actually wants what it says it does, rather than being all evil and schemey.  Sure his jerk friend tries to kill and control, but the initial guy was on the level, which is a welcome change from the “overlord of the week” we’ve seen a lot of.

All-in-all, a cool little episode and one that offers a much different view of being a space explorer: actually offering up your body as a vessel of connection and exploration.  Nifty.

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