TREK-A-DAY: By Any Other Name

EPISODE FIFTY: By Any Other Name

Alright, so I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when the set up revealed yet another ‘omnipotent being messes with the crew’ plotline; in this case, a bunch of Cthulu lookin’ aliens have taken human form in order to hijack The Enterprise for a return ride to their own galaxy (Andromida, thousands of years away at maximum warp).  They have done this through use of neural neutralizers that freeze people, or can turn them into D20s.  D20s made of sponge, that can then be re-humanized (basically so the whole crew except for Kirk, McCoy, Spock, and Scotty can get ‘killed off’) leaving just our main four to deal with the alien menace.

What sets this apart from the plethora of omnipotent being episodes we’ve seen before, is that the strategy they finally find to defeat them is to play off of the aliens’ unfamiliarity with sensation.  Which is awesome: humanity is used as a weapon.  So, everyone sets off to overwhelm the senses the best they can: Spock engages in logical discourse with the leader, forcing him to examine his humanity; McCoy shoots an underling full of irritability drugs; Scotty engages one of them in an epic drinking contest (awesome); and Kirk seduces the woman (surprise!)

Scotch: 1, Omnipotent Alien: 0

Eventually, Kirk manages to convince the aliens that they can settle into the Federation just fine and since they’re in human form (and can enjoy each other’s humanity…SEX…), but nevertheless all of the flaws of human nature (and some of the joys) are weaponized!  Which is awesome and a fantastic way to handle the omnipotent being.

Good stuff.  The pacing is a bit slow, but watching Scotty in a drinking game is worth the price of admission.

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