TREK-A-DAY: Spock’s Brain


Well, season three is off to an awesome start with an episode about a race so dependent on being controlled by SOMEONE they steal Spock’s brain and get it to run their society.

There’s a feeling of comfort and familiarity amid the crew now, Scotty’s got a new, brushed back haircut and everyone is trim and in fighting fit.  The budget has gone up, meaning all the special effects are now cleaner, especially the ship vs. space thing scenes; also, strangely, the text in the credits has been changed to the baby blue of “The Next Generation.”  Neat.

So, Spock’s brain; a fun, though convoluted, adventure about the entire crew having to work together to solve the mystery of where Spock’s brain went, leading them to find a planet where males live like cavemen on the inhospitable surface of the planet, while the women live in an abandoned high tech facility underground.  They need a brain to run the place and Spock’s seemed ideal.  To gain this knowledge, they wear a magical helmet which gives them tonnes of info and looks like Cerebro from X-Men.  There’s a great scene where McCoy uses it to dial up his medical abilities but, ultimately has to go it alone.  There’s some great character stuff here and a true ensemble feel.  Good stuff.

Also, it’s just a fun sci-fi premise, well executed and bodes well for the season.

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