Tom McGee

Tom is a playwright, director, producer, puppeteer, dramaturge, and novelist.  He is the co-creator of the award-winning Shakey-Shake and Friends Puppet Theatre Company and the critically acclaimed Theatre Brouhaha, an adult theatre company in Toronto focusing on fast, dark, funny plays for audiences who don’t necessarily like theatre (yet).  Tom published his first novel, The Bloody Lullaby late last year on Wattpad and is hard at work on his next (about a dystopian cheerleader.  Seriously.)  He also works as a communications consultant, cultural consultant, and video game reviewer.  Tom also serves as dungeon master and showrunner on Dumb-Dumbs and Dragons, a comedy adventure podcast currently in its second season, and Star Trek: Redundancy where he serves as Captain and game master.  Both shows are available at GarbageProductions.net and are very, very silly.

Photo by Graham Isador

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