Star Trek: the nerd’s first and occasionally final frontier.  These are the voyages of a long time Trekkie, who has never actually seen most of the series.  His ongoing mission: to watch new episodes, seek out new jokes, and new connections, by boldly going where many-a-nerd have gone before:

I am going to watch one episode of Star Trek a day, and report on the results.  Big episodes get big posts; regular episodes get tweets.  The wackier, the tweetier.

Feel free to play along yourself!

Readers…set phasers to awesome.

Star Trek: The Original Series    Season One

01/02/2012: The Man Trap, Star Trek   s1 e1
02/02/2012: Charlie X, Star Trek    s1 e2
03/02/2012: Where No Man Has Gone Before,  Star Trek  s1 e2
04/02/2012: The Naked Time,  Star Trek s1 e4
05/02/2012: The Enemy Within,   Star Trek s1 e5    *In other news, I got engaged today!*
06/02/2012: Mudd’s Women,   Star Trek s1 e6    Featuring Harry Mudd!
07/02/2012: What Little Girls Are Mad Of?   Star Trek s1 e7
08/02/2012: Miri   Star Trek s1 e8
09/02/2012: Dagger of the Mind,  Star Trek s1 e9
10/02/2012: The Corbomite Maneuver,  Star Trek s1 e10
11/02/2012: The Menagerie, Part I,  Star Trek s1 e11
12/02/2012: The Menagerie, Part II,  Star Trek s1 e12   Featuring the green Orion Slave Girl!
13/02/2012: Conscience of the King,  Star Trek s1 e13
14/02/2012: Balance of Terror,  Star Trek s1 e14   First encounter with the Romulans!
15/02/2012: Shore Leave,  Star Trek s1 e15
16/02/2012: The Galileo Seven,   Star Trek s1 e16
17/02/2012: The Squire of Gothos,   Star Trek s1 e17
18/02/2012: The Arena,  Star Trek s1 e18   Featuring the Gorn Captain!
19/02/2012: Tomorrow is Yesterday,    Star Trek s1 e19   *Site hit 1000 views today!  Thanks everyone!  Live long and prosper.*
20/02/2012: Court Martial,   Star Trek s1 e20
21/02/2012: The Return of the Archons,   Star Trek s1 e21   First mention of the Prime Directive!
22/02/2012: Space Seed,   Star Trek s1 e22   Featuring Khan!
23/02/2012: A Taste of Armageddon,  Star Trek s1 e23  First mention of the United Federation of Planets!
24/02/2012: This Side of Paradise,  Star Trek s1 e24
25/02/2012: The Devil in the Dark,  Star Trek s1 e25  William Shanter’s favourite episode!
26/02/2012: Errand of Mercy,  Star Trek s1 e26  First Klingons!
27/02/2012: The Alternative Factor,   Star Trek s1 e27
28/02/2012: The City on the Edge of Forever,  Star Trek s1 e28  McCoy’s first “I’m a doctor, not a…” line!  In this case, psychiatrist.
29/02/2012: Operation–Annihilation!  Star Trek s1 e29
*Star Trek: The Original Series  SEASON ONE IN REVIEW

Star Trek: The Original Series Season Two

01/03/2012: Amok Time,   Star Trek  s2 e1 First appearance of Mr. Chekov! First “Live Long and Prosper” with first hand gesture! Epic Kirk versus Spock          fight, with the famous fight music!
02/03/2012: Who Mourns for Adonais?   Star Trek s2 e2
03/03/2012: The Changeling,    Star Trek s2 e3
04/03/2012: Mirror, Mirror   Star Trek s2 e4  First appearance of the Mirror Universe and Spock’s evil beard!
05/03/2012: The Apple    Star Trek s2 e5
06/03/2012: The Doomsday Machine   Star Trek s2 e6
07/03/2012: Catspaw   Star Trek s2 e7
08/03/2012: I, Mudd   Star Trek s2 e8   The return of space pimp Harry Mudd! (Drunk live-blogged at 4am.)
09/03/2012: Metamorphosis,  Star Trek s2 e9
10/03/2012: Journey to Babel,  Star Trek s2 e10
11/03/2012: Friday’s Child,  Star Trek s2 e11
12/03/2012: The Deadly Age,  Star Trek s2 e12
13/03/2012: Obsession,  Star Trek s2 e13
14/03/2012: Wolf in the Fold,  Star Trek s2 e14
15/03/2012: The Trouble with Tribbles,  Star Trek s2 e15
16/03/2012: The Gamesters of Triskelion,  Star Trek s2 e16
17/03/2012: A Piece of the Action,  Star Trek s2 e17
18/03/2012: The Immunity Syndrome,  Star Trek s2 e18
19/03/2012: A Private Little War,  Star Trek s2 e19
20/03/2012: Return to the Future,  Star Trek s2 e20
21/03/2012: Patterns of Force,  Star Trek s2 e21
22/03/2012: By Any Other Name,  Star Trek s2 e22
23/03/2012: The Omega Glory, Star Trek s2 e23
24/03/2012: The Ultimate Computer,  Star Trek s2 e24
25/03/2012: Bread and Circuses, Star Trek s2 e25
26/03/2012: Assignment: Earth,  Star Trek s2 e26   with a summary of Season Two!

Star Trek: The Original Series Season Three

27/03/2012: Spock’s Brain,  Star Trek s3 e1
28/03/2012: The Enterprise Incident,  Star Trek s3 s2
29/03/2012: The Paradise Syndrome,  Star Trek s3 s3
01/04/2012: And the Children Shall Lead,  Star Trek s3 e4
02/04/2012: Is There Truth in No Beauty?   Star Trek s3 e5
03/04/2012: Spectre of the Gun,   Star Trek s3 e6
04/04/2012: Day of the Dove,  Star Trek s3 e7
05/04/2012: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky,   Star Trek s3 e8
06/04/2012:  The Tholian Web,  Star Trek s3 e9
On break for theatre wackiness!  06-11

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