More Awesome Stuff

Here’s some more awesome stuff that I enjoy by awesome people that I like!

Scare-Tactic by Alex West: Do you like smart writing about awesome horror films?  Check out Scare-Tactic for reviews, articles, and retrospectives on everything from classic horror franchises to brand new flicks, to whatever can be found on NetFlix.  Always a good read.

The Nerdist by Chris Hardwick: Pretty much my favourite site on the Internet, The Nerdist Podcast is one of the best looks into the inner workings of comedy, film, and nerd culture that I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.  You never know what awesome facts you’ll learn about the guests and the hosts are all hilarious, insightful, charming people.  Seriously, go there now, and enjoy your burrito. (You’ll get that joke once you go.)

Theatre Brouhaha   Theatre Brouhaha is a collective of young Canadian artists who combine the primacy of story with the rapid pace of the Information Age to create relevant theatre for the next generation of theatre audiences. We want to entertain, to challenge, to energize, to arouse, to confuse, and in general, to give audiences something to talk about afterward.  Coming in January to the Factory Studio Theatre: LOVESEXMONEY by Kat Sandler, (dramaturged and assistant directed by Tom McGee!)

Shakey-Shake and Friends  Do you like the Muppets?  How about Shakespeare?  Well have we got a show for you…filled with pop culture references, sly jokes, and epic puppet fun, Shakey Shake and Friends isn’t just for kids; it’s for people who like awesome.  You like awesome.  You should come see one of our shows.

Monkeyman Productions  If you’re like me, you never thought you’d see a play about playing Dungeons and Dragons during the zombie apocalypse.  We’re both wrong.  Monkeyman Productions is Toronto’s Geekiest theatre company and touches on all sorts of fun, geeky topics.  Check them out!

io9 an incredible resource for cool nerd things.  My daily news site of choice.

21st Century Trekkie: Check out another Trekkie’s adventures into the series a day-at-a-time over at 21st Century Trekkie by David Bailey.  Particularly fun are his “Moral of the Story” summations at the end of each post.  Good stuff.


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