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TREK-A-DAY: The Tholian Web


Look out! It’s ghost Kirk!

After encountering an interdimensional rift aboard the USS Defiant, Kirk ends up lost between dimensions and the Enterprise engages the Tholians as e search for Kirk continues.  The Tholians begin building their aforementioned web around the ship (in one of the more visually engaging space special effects to date) as Spock and McCoy clash over Spock’s new role as captain.

There’s also a tonne of space madness.  Space madness all over the place.

The episode is neat, from the ghost ship style opening to the logistics and complications of Spock as captain (which we started exploring way back in The Galileo Seven episode.) As well as giving some insight into Uhura’s personal life (we get to see her off duty in her quarters for the first time) and giving the rest of the crew time to shine as Kirk is barely featured.

The McCoy outbursts against Spock have become an increasingly frustrating feature of the show, as the writers swing between McCoy and Spock clearly being friends and McCoy genuinely seeming to dislike and perhaps even hate Spock. This is usually situational, but in this episode it was particularly heavy handed and almost constant, to set up a contrast for Kirk’s ‘watch in case I die’ video, which is actually very sweet and well played (with Kirk commending Spock and asking him to trust his emotions and telling him to seek out McCoy whenever he needs to get in touch with his human side)

It’s an interesting episode, but the pacing and characterization are a bit wonky.  

Oh, and Kirk survives.  FYI.