The Bloody Lullaby

Bloody Lullaby

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Robots, detectives, femme-fatales, gunslingers…and that’s just the main character. ED-E Blanks is the cyborg private enforcer of a major film studio mogul in Earth’s far future, who is tasked with solving a series of murders at The Canteen: a bar where film studio stars (excused from wartime service) cater to soldiers on shore leave. But as stars and soldiers continue to die, The Canteen and the safety it provides for its stars is imperiled and ED-E must work with the eccentric Detective ‘Stubs’ Collins to catch Earth’s first serial killer in generations, before The Canteen is shuttered forever…and the propaganda boost it provides to soldiers across the cosmos is lost. As ED-E begins to dive deeper into the case, she must contend with celebrity clones (like her bartender Bogey), rival studio assassins, solving her predecessor’s murder, and slowly figuring out who she was before she was revived – ED-E is an InDent, someone who willed their body and services after death to a studio mogul in exchange for riches and special consideration in life. But ED-E quickly begins to realize the mogul who owns her contract may have more sinister motives than just keeping a bar open and she must figure out who she can trust in a world of fake sets, fake props, and fake people before the secrets and lies of her previous life come crashing down around her.

A sci-fi noir, THE BLOODY LULLABY draws on Hollywood’s storied past and actual events from The Hollywood Canteen (which served soldiers during World War II) to create a strange-but-familiar future where nostalgia has revived the Golden Age of Film and the Studio system to support war in the stars. THE BLOODY LULLABY brings together hard-boiled detective fiction and sci fi to create a hybrid experience that feels both new and familiar, inspired by everything from Casablanca and L.A. Confidential, to Starship Troopers and Blade Runner.


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