Dystopian Cheerleader


Dystopian Cheerleader Cover

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“Looking back at how I thought the world was…I knew so little, back then. They kept it from us. All of it. If we’d known, maybe things would have been different. Maybe we could have saved those we loved. Maybe not. Either way, we need to fight. My name is Evelyn Kaspian. I am a Chosen One.”

Evie Kapsian is about to give the most important performance of her life in honour of Dear Leader’s great triumph over the Great Virus when the unthinkable happens: a rebel group attacks the ceremony and Evie is framed for the chaos. With her mother and sister missing and her world torn apart, Evie joins forces with the mysterious and alluring Zayn, a Vhentyr (the vampiric result of the Great Virus) to uncover the dark secrets of The County, save her family, and get revenge.

An action-packed story in the vein of THE HUNGER GAMES, DIVERGENT, and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, DYSTOPIAN CHEERLEADER takes the conventions of the genre and twists them in exciting and shocking ways, keeping you on your toes and the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Not all is as it seems in Evie’s world and the explosive twists will leave you breathless.

From the author of THE BLOODY LULLABY comes the first book in this new trilogy where nothing is as it seems…

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